At Co.tribute, we empower you to manage corporate giving, volunteering, cause marketing, and strategic impact storytelling. Our team is passionate about building a platform that engages people on a deep level and encourages positive world change.

Empowering the greatest companies in the world.

Barnhart, Security Central, Popeyes Louisiana Chicken, Vitaligent, Jamba Juice

Built for people and connection.

The founding members of Co.tribute have worked in a variety of different industries and companies spanning all sizes. We each found that it was a challenge to connect with employees or clients on an emotional level, and build a strong community in the workplace. We created Co.tribute to overcome this challenge.

Founded on people and connection.

Our team is made up of creative and respectful individuals who love to have fun. We care deeply about delivering value to our clients, while supporting each other and working hard. We are intentional about maintaining a work environment that is welcoming, kind, and passionate.

Committed to changing the way companies do business.

Co.tribute exists to help clients build vibrant communities while making the world a better place. We believe that doing good work goes beyond the bottom line, and that great communities can do great things.

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